From 1980...

Cozzi Confezioni - Cozzi's brothers company - was founded in 1980 stemming from a small tailor's shop: as the years went by, the production was consolidated thanks to the cooperation with increasingly important and demanding customers. According to our customers, our organization represents a point of reference for the development and implementation of all their projects.


Today the company can offer an exhaustive range of services, from the supply of best quality fabrics to the production of excellent items with simple hem and embroideries. today

Our mission is to acquire new customers, meet all customers' requirements and build long-lasting loyalty: for this reason we aim to achieve constant quality improvements for our products and services in order to meet customers' requirements with a competitive and effective approach.

Our goals

A. Focus on customers' satisfaction leveraging our expertise and providing them with on-time deliveries and products that meet all their requirements and compulsory regulations. 


B. Constantly improve the culture of quality working with skilled, trained and high-level staff. 


C. Ensure a high level of equipment efficiency so to ensure constant operation and high quality of products. 


D. Consider suppliers as a basic part of our Quality System and ask them to comply with our principles in order to reach the final goal of customer satisfaction. 

Confezioni F.lli Cozzi.

Give the best, to those who ask only the best

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